Annexation Process


Pursuant to Section 5-1-360 of the Box Elder County Land Use Code, an individual (whose property resides within the unincorporated boundaries of Box Elder County) wishing to file a land use or legislative application with Box Elder County must first file for annexation with an established municipality when the proposed property meets any one (1) of the following three (3) criteria:

  1. The property is located within any municipal annexation policy plan as defined in Utah Code 10-2-401.5, or
  2. The property is located within ½ mile of any municipality incorporated boundary, if a municipality does not have an annexation policy plan boundary, or
  3. If a development, improvement, or building lot will be using any utility provided by a municipality.


Upon confirmation that your property meets one of the above criteria, you will need to accomplish the following basic steps to complete the annexation process requirement:

  1. Contact the Box Elder County Clerk’s Office regarding the Notice of Intent to File an Annexation Petition.   They oversee this noticing portion of the annexation process and, upon completion, they will send a certificate to the municipality that the noticing requirements to neighboring parcels has been completed, etc.
  2. File a formal Annexation Petition with the required municipality.  The process and required paperwork may vary between differing municipalities.  You will need to contact them for specific details (contact info for cities and towns).
  3. The municipality will hold a public hearing (city/town council meeting) to decide on your annexation petition.

Upon completion of the full annexation process and your annexation is DENIED by the municipality, you will provide a copy of the denial to the County as part of your application package and we will then be able to process your application.

If upon completion of the annexation process and your annexation is APPROVED, any land use or legislative application would be filed with that municipality.  The County would no longer have any jurisdiction.

Additional Information