Site Plan Review


A site plan application is required for any commercial or industrial development in unincorporated Box Elder County.  

A site plan is a graphic representation of all existing and proposed improvements to a site. The site plan functions as a map for a development project, incorporating all aspects of landscaping, construction, paving, utilities, and terrain features.


Upon receipt of the required documentation and any associated fees, the Planning Department will review your application for adherence to the Box Elder County Land Use Management and Development Code.  During the review process, your application will be placed on the Planning Commission agenda for their review and final decision.  The Planning Commission will approve, approve with conditions, or deny the application.

Required Documents

The following documents are required at the time of application:

Additional Information

  • A building permit will not be issued until the provisions of the site plan review have been met.
  • For buildings and land uses that require a conditional use permit (CUP), a site plan review will be incorporated within a CUP application provided the site plan requirements are met.
  • Chapter 2-2-120: Site Plan Review