The Box Elder County Recorder's Office continues to accept and process new documents for recording, provide continued access to the land records, and also take steps to provide essential services related to property records.

Property Watch Notification:

In response to growing concerns about real estate fraud, the Box Elder County Recorder's Office is offering this free property watch notification service. This service is designed to automatically send an e-mail to notify participating property owners when any type of document is recorded referencing their name or their property (ie deed, liens, reconveyances). To sign up for notifications it is quick and easy, just enter your email and your name on our website to be notified of any activity with your property.


Property Information:

Information about recorded documents and property records for all tracts of land in
Box Elder County, can be found using the online recorder application called Eagle Web.

Interactive Map:

We also have an interactive web map that shows Roads, Parcels, Ownership, Subdivisions, Surveys, Tie Sheets, Zoning, and more.

Recording Requirements:

All documents to be recorded must meet the recording requirements as set forth in the Utah Code.

In compliance with UCA 17-21-1(4), these Electronic Recording Standards must be followed for all documents submitted electronically.
To facilitate the entering of legal descriptions we use a list of abbreviations. 
We try to only use these County abbreviations in all descriptions, this is to save confusion. 

Duties of the Recorder's Office:

Under UCA 17-21 The County Recorder will:

  • Be custodian for all recorded documents (UCA 17-21-1)
  • Not alter any record (UCA 17-21-17)
  • Check that a document meets the recording requirements before recording (UCA 17-21)
  • Endorse all documents present for recording (UCA 17-21-13)
  • Keep an index of all recorded documents (UCA 17-21-9, 10 & 14)
  • Report all property changes to the County Assessor's Office (UCA 17-21-22)
  • Expect payment in advance (UCA 17-21-18)
  • Follow fees established by Utah Legislature (UCA 17-21-18.5)