4th Grade Reports

Family visiting Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge Visitor Center in Box Elder County

Our office at the Box Elder County Tourism Council is pleased to send
information to enhance your study of Utah and our county in particular. We
are delighted that your understanding will be enriched beyond the textbook.


You will learn some of the history of the early Native Americans and 
Pioneer Settlers in Box Elder County. You will find out about many historic and
nature sites. You can also discover information about the two life changing
engineering achievements--Trains and Rockets! As you learn about Trains,
you’ll learn about the “Joining of the Rails” in 1869. Then, just over 100 years
later, our county helped send people into outer space on the space shuttles! Both historic sites are within 8 miles of each other.

We are sure you will enjoy learning about Box Elder County and sharing this information with your classmates.

For some great “hands-on” learning, come visit us in Box Elder County.


Bring this letter with you to the Historic Box Elder County Courthouse at 01 South Main Street in Brigham City.

Look for the Tourism Office on the 2nd Level and we’ll give you a gift of a Golden Spike souvenir pin.


Hope to see you soon!!




Box Elder County Tourism