Utah's Famous Fruit Way

Little boy picking out watermelon at the fruit stand on Highway 89 in Box Elder County

Box Elder County is famous for its fruit stands, farmer's markets, and orchards. Every summer from June through October, you can drive Highway 89 to find small and large stands with cherries, peaches, berries, apricots, squash, tomatoes, corn, and pumpkins! 

Brigham City Farmers Market 
Historic Downtown Brigham City (Saturdays only)

Tremonton Farmers Market at Midland Square

Evan's Acres Mini Farm
Bothwell (Check FB Page for additional information)

Beaver Dam Stand

Harmony Homestead
3792 W 3600 N, Corinne

Shaffer Family Farms
15145 N 4800 W Garland

Paul's Patch
1985 US 89 Perry 

Nielson's Produce/Lemus Farms
2055 US 89 Perry 

Valcarce Farms
2254 US 89 Perry 

Sumida Farms
3333 US 89 Perry 

Tagge's Famous Fruit & Veggie Farms
3432 US 89 Perry 

Pettingills Fruit Farm
8815 US 89 Perry 

Holmgren's Produce Market
11818 N 1600 E Tremonton

Gray's Orchard & Fruit Stand
1352 N Main Willard 

Grammy's Fruit & Produce
7375 US 89 Willard 

Woodyatt Cherries
7630 US 89 Willard 

Apple Creek Bulk Foods (Amish Store)
875 N Main Willard 

Barker's Fruit
960 N Main Willard 

Roys Fruit & Produce
7900 S Highway 89, Willard

Once Upon a Christmas Tree Farm and Flower Farm


Tremonton Farmers Market