Do YOU ADU? A Sneak Peak into Accessory Dwelling Units in Utah!

a sneak peak into accessory dwelling units in box elder county utah

Did you know that Utah is experiencing a housing shortage?  Oh yeah…it’s a big deal!  There’s a lot of talk right now at the legislature!  

What does this housing shortage mean?  It essentially means that there is currently more demand than supply of housing and our county is definitely not excluded.  So when our kids, newlyweds, parents, and others want to live locally, they may not be able to afford to.  So, what can you do?  You can ADU.

What is an ADU?  It stands for Accessory Dwelling Unit.  Some know them as Mother-in-Law apartments, Granny Flats, Basement apartments, tiny homes, barndominiums, etc.  It’s basically a dwelling unit that is located (inside or detached from a main home) on a person's property for the purpose of providing independent living facilities.

Ready for another fun fact?  82.5% of the housing in Box Elder County are single-family homes.  Zones allowing single-family dwellings are the perfect candidate for ADU’s.  This means there’s an excellent opportunity to help beat the housing crisis and reduce housing costs through ADU’s.  So…do you ADU? 

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